Ken Eastwood - Visionary

This space has been created for councillors (and officers who work with them). Whilst anyone is obviously welcome, we have set this up as a resource that builds on a discussion that began at LocalGovCamp Yorkshire and the Humber.

Thanks to the innovative @keneastwood , who had the foresight to make it happen, a session dedicated to cllrs and social media took place. We wanted to create a space that allowed those who gave up their Saturday, and travelled great distances, to explore and share their experiences when they got back to their authorities.

We hope that this is only the start.  We hope that, over time, this will become a place where councillors in Yorkshire and the Humber share their experiences, knowledge and learning.  We hope that officers who work with and support councillors begin to accept and embrace the opportunities that social media presents and similarly share what they are doing with cllrs in their councils.  We want this space to be a tool for making this happen.

Right, let’s get to it.


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