On-Line Councillor of the Year

Cllr Barber - On-Line Cllr of the Year 2011

Well, gutted as we are that our own cllrsocmed expert CllrTim Cheetham didn’t win the On-Line Councillor of the Year at the Councillor Awards, congratulations go out to Cllr James Barber.   Quote from the judges below:

“Cllr Barber’s use of online media demonstrates how councillors can engage citizens within their own space in order to make a difference in their communities. He has established a presence on a citizen-run neighbourhood website by engaging and responding positively to local people’s issues, providing information, giving responses from officers and inviting residents to submit their problems and questions to him. Cllr Barber has been cited as a pioneer in this field in research for London Councils; by offering his services in a citizen centred space.

Unlike other nominees in this category, judges really felt that Cllr Barber’s achievements stood out as being different because he has managed to assert himself on existing media that residents of his local area use – he has gone to them rather than expecting them to come to him. The judges noted that ‘if social media is about anything, it is about being where people are’ and this is an excellent example of this.”

This is another brilliant example of a councillor using social media in imaginative and effective ways to make a positive difference.