Blogs – Content, Length and Time

In the spirit of updating content ready for LocalGovCamp North West this short video finds Cllr Simon Cooke explaining some of the nuts and bolts of blogging for councillors.  The footage was shot at our CllrSocMed session in Leeds earlier this year.  Simon explains that blogs are dependent on personal style and reassures councillors that it doesn’t have to be time consuming to be effective.  Simon’s style is quick and short, whilst Cllr Andrew Cooper (referred to in the video) takes a different approach.

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A Blog Won’t Do Everything

At our cllrsocmed session in Leeds we got onto discussing the merits of blogs and the on-line / off-line conundrum.  In this brief video Cllr Cooke summarises the key points and gives some helpful tips on how councillors can use blogs effectively.

The Internet and Social Media Explained (in 2 minutes)

I’ve blogged previously about the lack of structure to our cllrsocmed sessions – it really is a case of go with the flow and see where councillors take the discussion in order to get the most out of it.  That said every session needed some brief background that explained this whole social media thing in the context of the internet.  @steventuck is great at making the complex totally straightforward – check out this video clip of him in action at our session in Barnsley.

Cllr Mike Jordan Talks Cllrsocmed

When we did our very first cllrsocmed session in York Cllr Mike Jordan from Selby was there.  He was already a user of social media.  It was great to catch up with him again in Leeds where he played an active part in sharing his social media journey.  Follow him on Twitter  (@gtjordan) and view his blog.  He took the time to share some of his experiences and views in this video clip.

Cllr Tim Cheetham Talks Cllrsocmed

Between providing expert help and advice at our session in Scarborough, Cllr Cheetham took time to do this short video clip.  Follow Cllr Cheetham on Twitter (@cllrtim) or view his blog.

Cllr Simon Cooke talks Social Media

A few words from one councillor to another.  A brief video clip of Cllr Simon Cooke following the cllrsocmed session at Scunthorpe.  Follow Simon on Twitter (@simonmagus) or view his blog.