Calling All Councillors – Tour Dates Soon

Well it’s took some time to plan it but we’re pleased to announce the CllrSocMed tour dates for Yorkshire and the Humber.  Thanks to those lovely folk at Local Govt Yorkshire and the Humber we’ll be bringing the full @gr8governance and @steventuck stage show to a northern town near you (hopefully). We hope to move forward the whole councillor / social media debate a bit further in our region. Whilst the final acts for the sessions are still to be booked (watch this space for breaking news) and some of the finer details, we can confirm the following dates:




cancelledThursday 4th November 2010

Digital Media Centremap





Friday 12th November 2010

Pitwood House, Scunthorpe

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updated 19:45 13/10/10




Friday 19th November 2010

Sea View conference room, Scarborough Town Hall

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Thursday 27th January 2011

Millennium Room, The Carriageworks, Millennium Square, Leeds

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All sessions will take place between approx 11.00 and 3.00 to give you chance to get there.  We’re in the process of sorting out booking arrangements etc and we’re on with the planning.


session planning

session planning