Tools and tips

  1. Mark Pack, co-editor of Lib Dem Voice has produced an interesting series of articles entitled How To Be A Lib Dem Blogger. Whilst clearly written with Lib Dem politicians in mind, the articles are a useful resource for any councillor considering entering the blogosphere. The post covers the best blogging platforms, style and blog etiquette, and case studies.
  2. Based on her own experiences Councillor Mary Reid has produced some top tips for councillors to consider when blogging and using Facebook. The article has real resonance as Cllr Reid is providing advice based on her own experiences – great short cuts for councillors thinking of taking the social media leap.
    Cllr Reid’s Blog
  3. The most comprehensive guide to the breadth of social media for councillors can be found in Connected Councillors – A Guide to Using Social Media to Support Local Leadership
  4. The 21st Century Councillor Guide pulls together in one place a wealth of information that is of particular relevance to councillors from explaining what social media is, its importance for councillors right through to practical tips on how to make the most of the available tools. This is a product of the wider 21st Century Councillor Programme (#21stcc for all you Twitter users). Councils featured include Kirklees (we couldn’t resist the shameless plug).
  5. A real concern for councillors that we have been involved with is the Standards implications for them when using social media. Whilst our “Oops” section provides examples of what can go wrong, the Standards Board for England has produced a Guide for Bloggers. To a point this is a useful tool to prompt councillors to think of what they do in the context of the National Code of Conduct and the wider Standards regime. Dialogue with councillors has also revealed that the tips from councillors on responsible use of social media dovetail well with the formal Standards advice. Our advice – mix the formal advice with the informal. Basically, use a common sense approach.
  6. The Improvement Service in Scotland have also produced a Blogging Guide for Councillors.
  7. Ten Reasons Why Councillors Should Use Social Media
  8. Dave McKenna (@localolpois) has produced a great post Social Media for Local Govt Beginners – brilliant resource and a man you should follow on Twitter
  9. Social Media Explained in 2 Minutes
  10. So What Is A Blog?
  11. Governance and Cllrs – Some Social Media Resources and Ideas
  12. Why Small Talk is Important
  13. Google says to politicians: Get On Twitter
  14. Cllr Tim Talks Cllrs and Social Media
  15. Our work so far with councillors has revealed the need to properly explain the terms and the tools. Tim Davies has produced some excellent one page guides to a whole host of social media tools. We have pulled out what we think are the key ones but would recommend a perusal of the whole collection:

4 Responses to Tools and tips

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  2. benlowndes says:

    The Tom Harris link doesn’t work – but there’s some good stuff on here and this is a really useful resource.

  3. Ken lowe says:

    The oops link is broken, which is a pity because I was looking for some entertainment

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