LGCYH – Concepts or Tools? (Both Ideally)

@steventuck started the councillor session at LGCYH with a slot about the world wide web and how it has developed from a broadcast media to a social media.  We began to look at its potential from a councillor perspective.  We soon realised that you can’t explore the concepts without referring to the tools – it’s inevitable really.

Councillors had already heard of (indeed some were using) Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc and naturally wanted to know more about the nuts and bolts of what they were and how they worked. Straight away we had a bit of a dilemma – do you soldier on with the concepts or dip into the tools?  I guess we quickly learnt it has to be a bit of both.

Councillors were interested in the benefits of the tools but wanted to understand how they worked, particularly if it involved a lot of technical knowledge or impinged on their time.  It was a frank reminder to us that councillors are busy people who first and foremost want to get on with the job of being a councillor.  If these tools fitted into what they were doing, fine, if not then what;’ the point.

Again the value of having social media savvy councillor in the session was obvious.  We were able to explore the benefits whilst Cllr Cheetham and Cllr Cooke did quick demos of how the tools worked in reality.

This brief experience has got us thinking about how we develop things in the future.  Sessions that strike a balance between information sharing and skills and knowledge development.  Watch this space


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