top 11 dos and don’ts

Updating some of our content for LocalGovCamp North West – Feb 2012 I keep coming across some useful info. The latest is this really handy guide about online reputation management produced my


’21st Century Councillor’ Using Social Media to Support Local Leadership: Barnsley

This event has now been rescheduled from the 4th November 2010 to Friday 21st January 2011


Friday 21st January 2011

Digital Media Centremap

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some tips on twitter

Add a new post and insert an image

How to add a new post to you blog and insert an image from your computer.

How to set up a blog

cllrsocmed now have a youtube channel our debut  is the much requested ‘how to set up a blog’ video

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Well, it’s got to be said…

… that Central Gov are really making a good fist of this social media malarky. I’ve blogged about a couple of big things they’ve done recently at Central Government and Social Media – a quickie so won’t repeat them here. Of course  the real test is what happens as a result of all this but so far it’s looking pretty impressive.

localgovcamp yorkshire & humber

Pulling stuff together for this Saturday’s localgovcamp in York.