Cllrsocmed Tour Diary – rehearsal?

Cllrsocmed Tour Diary – @gr8governqnce @steventuck @spencerlwilson

Carl and Steve

Well, it’s getting pretty close now. The first date of the tour is approaching so we decided to get together and decide what we were going to do.

You might think that we just throw all this together at the last minute, but fuelled by beer and coffee we have tried to develop and rehearse our set.

Not wishing to give too much away, but we’re hoping to make the sessions councillor-led, with a bit of a structure. Not free-form jazz, more loose jamming.

We met tonight and worked through how we make the sessions interesting, interactive, challenging and most importantly how we make the most of these unique opportunities. Potentillay we have the chance to work with 80 councillors across the region – it’s a real

chance to make a difference, begin to understand the barriers, opportunites and create a new network of like minded people. No pressure then.

We’ll be using all the tools, that was the easy bit. We are hoping to develop something exciting, plant a few seeds of interest and innovation – get a dialogue going. Wish us luck for the first date at Barnsley on the 4th. We’ll keep you updated as part of our tour diary.

tour plan

coffee, paper, pens and phones = a plan

making anti-plans

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