#kirkcouncil – Tweeting Democracy

Tweeting and live webcasting of council meetings is a way to improve and increase citizen participation, engagement and communication with local authorities. Kirklees Council are a local authority committed to developing such communications for the citizens they serve. Live webcasts of their council meetings are complemented by a growing number of officers, councillors and members of the public ‘tweeting the meeting’. We’ve pulled that twitter feed in here. Feel free to join up and contribute.

Using the following text in your tweets, #kirkcouncil will ensure your tweet goes into the twitterfall.

Click here and join in: ‘tweeting the meeting’

Click here to watch the live webcast: Kirklees Council

About Spencer Wilson
Governance & Democratic Services, Kirklees. Advocate for Digital Democracy #notwestminster #ldbytes. Love my family, books, writing, film, steak.

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