LGCYH – Angry, Drunk (Er no)

As part of the session councillors got onto some of the do’s and don’ts.  There was a real fun side to the discussion with one councillor giving the “sobering” advice – “my tip is don’t ever blog if you’re angry or drunk”.  To which @simonmagus wittily replied, “If that was case I’d never blog at all”

Joking aside there were some genuine concerns about responsible use and personal and organisational reputation management. Councillors wanted to be able to express their views frankly but did not want to fall foul of the National Code of Conduct and the Standards Board.

We discussed the extent to which fears like this were real or perceived.  They were certainly real for the councillors in the room, although the examples of the Standards Board looking at social media related complaints were few (we could only find 2).

Our resident expert councillors provided some reassurance.  It comes down to common sense really.  On a daily basis councillors need to operate in the public spotlight, having regard to a host of rules, standards and codes of conduct.  Those who do this already are merely applying them to another environment.  The message was “don’t be put off”.

We’ve begun to pull together some tools and tips that hopefully begin to address some of the concerns and questions that councillors have.

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