LGCYH – The Presentation That Never Was

Like all good (obsessive?) officers we did all the prep for the councillor session at LGCYH.  We met, we planned, we met again, we even stayed up until 2.00 a.m. finalising our slides and the areas we were convinced we needed to cover.  Our slides were perfectly crafted, designed to cover all the things that our audience of councillors would need to know.

What did we know.  Quite rightly the councillors framed the discussion, ably supported by our two resident experts – Cllr Tim Cheetham and Cllr Simon Cooke.  We covered a wide range of issues, opportunities and challenges.  These will be captured and shared in more detail in other posts.  The main thing to share (its a real learning point for officers) is that sessions such as this need to be flexible, responsive but most importantly shaped and delivered by cllrs.

That said here’s our slides.

Our Experts

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